Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why They Detest Sarah Palin

You can always tell who the Left in the United States is afraid of by who they want to squash. Sarah Palin is the current favorite of theirs. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck are also favorites. Recently, though, for four days the Left accused Mrs. Palin of inciting the Tucson massacre, and their evidence was a fairly benign map "targeting" several Congressional candidates. Then when she actually went to defend herself using a medium that was quite non-traditional - YouTube - they said she was making the issue all about her! How Catch-22 of them. Damned if she does and damned if she doesn't.
It's obvious that the Left (including the alphabet media - ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/PBS/MSNBC and to a lesser extent FOX) is terrified of the former governor from Alaska. But why? Several reasons come to mind. I think they are terrified of her first and foremost because of her youngest son, Trig. The Left in this country and around the world would have aborted Trig because he wasn't perfect. The least tolerant among us, though they claim differently, would have snuffed out Trig's life inside the womb because he had Down Syndrome, and his parents knew about his "imperfection" before he was born. To the ardent pro-choice elitists, it was clearly the "wrong" choice for the Palins to make. To the Palins, though, it was the only choice to make.
Another big reason they hate her - and I do not use the word 'hate' lightly - is that she resonates with the American people. Period. Flyover country gets her completely. She has a relatively happy family, good life in Alaska, good career on the public speaking circuit, the backing of millions of Americans, and an opportunity to stir things up in both major political parties in America. Is Sarah Palin perfect? No. Are the Palins perfect? Again, no. Then again, are any of us perfect?
Time and again Sarah Palin has silenced her critics. Some journalists are even calling for a "Palin-Free" month beginning in February. I doubt that will last long. They just can't help themselves.

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