Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crime and Politics

The words that 'politics are the last refuge of scoundrels' is very much true in the Indian political system. There is a possibility that it might be the first home for many rather than being the last resort for many hard lined criminals. Politicians apart from a few handfuls are no longer interested in the working and betterment of the nation. Most seem purely motivated by personal greed and the harvesting of criminals under their command to cause mayhem in the country.
Criminals' behavior thrives on anti-social elements and to keep the police at bay they need politicians, who in turn are willing to oblige thee in order to use them for notorious activities such as causing troubles to the representatives of the opposition parties or creating problems in their locality of working in order to curb it off later themselves and win votes from the simple public masses. The police and bureaucrats too need political patronages in order to get decent postings and promotions, thus the core line of decisions lies in the hands of our politicians. This results in a type of symbiotic relationship amongst the bureaucrats, politicians and the police.
Organized crimes take advantage of the loopholes in our judicial and law system. The inability of the system to deal with extortion, prostitution, drug sell, gambling, illegal child labour, sex rackets and hooliganism has resulted in the proliferation of organized crime in the country.
The stated earlier the line of control lies with the politicians. If they are taken care of, the criminals won't be able to enjoy freedom nor will the tainted police officers or bureaucrats will be able to roam around freely without any tension of getting caught. The tainted politician is like the boss of the remaining two, remove the boss the subordinates will fall automatically. All across the globe strict actions are taken to detect any tainted politicians present in the system and swift actions are taken to remove them from the service immediately.
But in India these unworthy citizens of nation have a continuous tendency to jump back to power. It has been observed that many a times the corrupt politicians even after being jailed for their crimes have returned to power that too by winning huge votes often through questionable means. But India's governance is such that neither any care is taken to get rid of them nor any investigations are made. Even if any Investigation Panel is formed, it goes round running in circles for a few years and after that the case is closed.
End of the day it is the voter's decision which matters, often these corrupt politicians play with these illiterate voters' minds and cause them to believe something which is not a reality, which is a direct mockery of India's democratic form of governance. A Committee overseeing the ethics in the Parliamentary Politics should be established, and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) should be made more powerful and directly linked to the President or the Prime Minister of the nation so that the true sons and daughters of the nation are not forced to alter their findings.

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