Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ireland Recuperation and Healing

Now that Brian Cowen of Fianna Fail has approved the election in March 2011 Ireland has an opportunity not to live with an open wound any more. Yes, there is a humungous amount of anger but it shall not serve us to allow that anger to go out of control like a brush fire. 'Deliver me Lord from lying lips and deceitful tongues.' Psalm 120(119):2.
It is now time for Ireland to grow and put the damage behind by listening to the prescription of achievements already under our belt and how we may expand on them to achieve even more abundant glories. We have been whipped and down trodden before and we have always triumphed thus all this recent history just means we were caught napping and trusted the wrong people.
Now that we are aware of how not to do things let us listen to people like Paul Somerville and others like him awaiting in the wings for their voices to be heard. For us though we have to make political Ireland bigger than the noise of previous governments. We have to listen to our global partners and find out what works and what is needed then we go ahead and build accordingly.
Of the numerous unemployed skilled workers lining the queues, we have to figure out a way to navigate their expertise into other spheres, and while the transition may not be immediate, it shall assure longevity of employment. When small farming was no longer viable for many families to survive on, people diversified. When cottage industries had to close, we diversified and now we shall diversify again. We have a brilliant export market to sustain us and build upon so come now let us wear our thinking hats and commence creating.
Alternative energy is one area where we may reap the rewards of employment that is required for our hungry workforce and it means we have to be open to the myriad avenues encompassed within the alternative energy genre. We have an excellent climate for algae production and through decades of research already accomplished, we do not have to start from scratch.
With oil prices rising like a tsunami it shall behoove us to investigate the full throttle of possibilities of alternative fuels because gasoline or diesel at €1.38 per litre is unsustainable in any economic climate. We have the potential to produce fuel at less than €1/gallon if we hop aboard the alt-fuel train right now. This is not a pipe dream it is based on sound research of tried proved and tested methods, it does work.
We necessitate independence from the oil producing countries and with algae production we may attain that freedom. Not only that, but we have the benefit of sister industries similar to the spectrum of possibilities that traditional oil enjoyed. Electric cars are fine and dandy for small journeys and with the ready availability of petrol and diesel from algae, we need not be overly concerned about losing the automobiles and other automotive industries that comprise our current economy.
We know because of technology the global wind market is set to propel by 155% to 2012 but the magic of wind will not save the millions of jobs that depend on oil derivatives. One cannot hold energy in ones hands and say well now let me think what can I make today from your resourcefulness?
Hmmm the answer would be nothing and so in order to prevent mass unemployment and a worse depression than we have ever known we need an alternative. Thus to debate the inconsistencies of alternative energy without offering a clearer solution would be a superfluous waste of time and so it shall benefit us to investigate the successes others are reaping from algae.
Under optimum growing conditions, macro and micro-algae are reported to produce over 165,243/litres/hectare/year on non-competing agricultural land. If you scale that to the demands of Ireland it would equal total freedom from fossil fuels while contributing to employment on a grand scale.
Healing of societal woes shall be commensurate with the confidence our government induces within the population thus if employment through alternative industries is enthusiastically embraced the healing process will be sooner rather than later. Let us pray that divine providence shall guide our electorate who has received sustenance through enlightened canvassing. Let the prayers continue with the process by electing those officials who showed the most promise. God bless!

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