Sunday, January 30, 2011

Voting On Election Day: Where Do I Go To Cast My Ballot?

Your ability to vote in elections is one of the greatest freedoms that we have in this country, and choosing public representatives from a list of candidates on the ballot is something that not every citizen in the world has the luxury of doing. If you aren't a registered voter and are old enough to do so, then you should make a point of making your voice heard by taking part in local elections.
For people who are new to voting, however, the process of registering and then finding the polling place where you need to cast your ballot on election day might be a bit confusing. Luckily, almost every state in the union has made it very easy for you to register to vote, and you should have no trouble doing it as long as you are at least 18 years of age and you are not a convicted felon.
In fact, in most states it is as easy as going to your local DMV or bureau of motor vehicles to get a voter registration card to fill out. Take care, though, because in most states you are simply not allowed to register to vote on election day. There is usually a cut-off point for new registrations that is several weeks or months before election day, depending on where you live.
There are usually two different ways that you will be able to cast your vote on election day: either through the mail in what is called "absentee" or "provisional"voting, or by going to your local polling place to cast your vote in person. To find out where your local voting poll location is, contact your county board of elections, city hall or another entity with political information.
In most cases, your voting location will likely be located at a church, school, recreation center or other public venue. After you have cast your vote, tell the rest of the world how proud you are for having taken part in such a great privilege by wearing an "I Voted" sticker or bragging about it on social media sites. You'll be making our country an even greater place to live for future generations!

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