Sunday, January 30, 2011

Prime Minister Gillard Deprecates the Brutal Moscow Airport Assault

It was just last year when the issue on possible terrorist assaults became a common topic in the news, in newspapers, in televisions and in the web. Because of this, travel advisories began to spread worldwide, to give warnings to people, to stay away from the danger spots or critical areas. Just recently, an incident that could be associated with the 2010 bombing threats has happened in an airport in Moscow, Russia.
Another brutal terrorist assault has occurred at Moscow airport, a terrifying incident that killed at least 35 people and wounded over 140 people. The atrocious bombing happened at the busiest airport in Russia, at the Domodedovo Airport.
Just like the other Australians, the Prime Minister Julia Gillard also revealed her condemnation on such brutal terrorist assault, which has caused death and injury to several innocent people.
In behalf of Australia, Gillard also extended her condolences to Russia, particularly to the families of all victims. To her, this incident is a manifestation of an 'appalling and indiscriminate act of violence.'
Meanwhile, the officials of DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) in Moscow are now working hard to find out if there are any Australians held up in the blast.
In the initial reports, many of those who were killed in the blast are foreigners including a Briton. Because of this, DFAT has recommended all concerned families and friends to attempt making direct contacts to anyone they feared might have been in the location, the moment that bombing had occurred.
The department also advised those who were not able to contact them and still hold concerns to contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on 1300 555 135, a 24-hour Consular Emergency Centre.
The Russian authorities keep warning everyone on the possibility of further terrorist assaults in Moscow and in line with this notice, DFAT is advising all Australians in Russia to take precautions at all times.
Emergency hotlines are also established for all concerned people seeking information about their families and friends in Moscow.
Defense Minister Stephen Smith also commented on the incident and considered it a 'terrible atrocity', a feature of modern life.
According to an Australian man named Ben, he was just about to get into the arrival hall when the blast happened. The blast was loud and strong enough to alert everyone in the site. Many did not realize at first that it was a terrorist assault. But after the incident, Moscow authorities had confirmed that it was indeed a terrorist attack, particularly, a suicide bombing that happened.
The latest bombing incident in Moscow airport is now a buzzing issue in various news outlets -- in televisions and in the web. What happened should serve as a reminder to everyone that terrorists do exist and now on the move to spread vicious assaults in critical places, not only in Moscow, Russia but also in other countries across the globe.

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