Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Manifesto Item 1 - Ditch Foreign Aid

Having taken a good hard look at our political leaders responsible for stewardship of the country and the manner in which they conduct themselves I have reached the conclusion that I have forgotten more about integrity than they have ever learnt. So I'm compiling my manifesto for when I run for parliament.
In no particular order of importance the first item on my list is "Ditch foreign Aid." In a country that is totally bankrupt having to put its citizens through untold misery to balance the books I cannot fathom why the UK continues to fritter away huge amounts of its total GDP on foreign aid. I have news for the leaders. The UK is liked nowhere in the world that I have visited. The USA doesn't like us, as witnessed my Mr Obama ditching Winston Churchill's statue from his office, the former colonies don't like us, and Africa certainly doesn't like Britain. So why are we so hell-bent on giving them money? It comes back to two things; The virus more deadly than the black-death called political correctness and the UK's fantasy that it still owns an empire and is a major player in world affairs. Truth be told the economies of the very people we give aid to are probably better off than our own.
I understand that there is a spiritual element the rich helping the poor and all that but we're certainly no longer the rich. I have seen aid in action in Africa. The truth of the matter is that very little of the aid that is sent ever finds its way to the intended destination. It is commandeered in transit by fat corrupt politicians who care nothing for their fellow-man, and is either exported elsewhere, or sold at exorbitant prices to the very people who should have received it for free. I was once talking to a senior official of the World Bank. He told me that if 40% of the aid sent to Africa reaches the final destination they consider that a success.
I know it to be true. As a pig farmer 70% of the input cost is feed, and farmers are constantly scouting around for cheaper source of supply. I knew a farmer who fed his pigs on "Freedom from Hunger" campaign meal for months. The meal had been left in the open for months at the mercy of the elements, and had turned a walnut brown. In Africa "past sell by date" has a very different meaning to the UK. This meal was however way beyond human consumption. I couldn't help thinking of all those well-intentioned kind people who thought that their donations were going to help Africa's poor.

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