Sunday, January 30, 2011

Politics in Ireland and Politician Shenanigans

Politics is neither a man's job nor a woman's job and in fact, we do not need any more of either to wreck the system anymore than it is already. What we need is intelligence devoid of corruption and the impressionable allure of power. 'As the leader is, so will his ministers be; as the leader of the city is, so will be its inhabitants.' Sirach 10:2
The Bible has myriad tidbits of knowledge that would benefit any leader as he or she goes about their duties and when leaders work with God, not religion but God, then success marches in the right direction. Apathy in leadership causes the turmoil we are living through and whether our leaders will admit it or not, we all know they took their eyes off the job and forgot, where they came from and the people they were representing.
Recently I was talking with a man who had to seek assistance from Social Services because due to the loss of his job, he was now going to lose his house and his family was going to have to move. Every day more and more families are reaping the rewards of the gamble our leaders took but are unwilling to admit the failure they caused. Worse still, they shall never have to pay the price and just continue to wreak havoc unless the electorate wake up and elect representatives that are more intelligent.
Our next group of representatives shall, we hope, pay more attention to the security of the people and not be drawn into scurrilous rapport with dubious prospects. So far, though all we are being dished out is a shallow effort of linguistic gynastics that typically emphasizes the ambiguity of language and their proficiency of that art. Our next government shall also seek restitution ASAP from Church representatives concerning the betrayal to the populace not just in the crimes imposed on them but the lack of justice that is due all victims without the burden of additional and unnecessary duress.
Between the opposition parties of Labour, Fine Gael and Sinn Féin et al, the island of Ireland and the Irish population, may not see the sunshine of an economic boom again until perhaps a new generation of politicians arrives on the scene. Pretty sad really, when we know there are highly educated people among our ranks but sadly, most of those are not in politics.
The job description of leadership may encompass individuals possessing intelligence but have a wily tenacity and definitely have amazing listening skills. Then add wise discernment and of course to be a visionary has to be essential and we are forming a likely CV that may effect change. The visionary element is one that is rather lacking currently but as Ireland embraces the global economy, we have to depart from crossroads syndrome politics while allowing intelligent maturity to bless the mix.
Now it shall not matter a whit if the eventual combination of government representatives shall encompass equal shades of both genders. Neither does it matter if the majority are held together by a common thread unanimous in intent but not affiliated to any particular party. What really matters is for a group of like minded individuals with energetic exuberance and wisdom to align our country with global markets while honouring our individuality.
As moonlight guides the lonely traveler let us pray that divine intelligence shall guide our country away from the disparaging controls of religious zealots, capitalist usurpers and doe eyed deer politicians that are blinded when hit by the lights of power and success. The advisory boards that have misled the current government shall have to receive their pink slips and a new visionary group compiled. This severance of incompetence shall have to run across all government bodies without exception and without bias but is necessary for a profitable transition into a functioning thriving economy.
One may hear or imagine the song 'The Great Pretender' playing in the background as FF grind their nails down the chalk board clinging onto a delusional purpose of serving the very country they have betrayed. This serves to remind us that introspection is as important for politics as it is for every person who designs to aspire to a successful life. It is impossible to accept that people who consider them the only solution to Ireland's economic dilemma now if that is not an example of supercilious delusion nothing is.
We have an opportunity in Ireland right now to reverse the damages that have compiled through the years and brought our beautiful country to its knees. In typical Irish resilience, we know we shall triumph but would prefer it to be sooner rather than later so Dear God let the work commence, alleluia. God bless agus beannacht Dé orainn go léir! Amen!

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